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Fiji has a tropical maritime climate, tempered by the ocean and trade winds. Fiji's weather is not, however, uniform throughout the islands. There is a range of climates, from the hot and dry to the warm and wet, providing conditions favorable for the growth of a variety of food and commercial crops. The leeward sides of the major islands (eg the Lautoka or Labasa areas) are dry, with clear skies, a limited temperature range and abundant sunshine. It is on the leeward or western side of Viti Levu that most of Fiji's resorts are located. Average annual rainfall there is 165 to 180 cm. The windward sides of the islands are subject to cloudy skies and frequent rains with even temperatures and moderate sunshine. Suva is an example of a windward climatic area and averages 300 cm of rainfall annually.



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Seasonal Average Rainfall


Dry Season-May to Oct

Wet Season-Nov to Apr









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