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The higher islands of Waya and Wayasewa are ideal for trekking. These expeditions usually begin at dawn to avoid the heat later in the day.



The Yasawas have lots of spectacular reefs with brilliant corals, walls, underwater caves and many unexplored areas.



Village visits

Almost all resorts offer guests the opportunity to visit a village, the activities can range from simply seeing the village to meeting whoever is around the village at the time through to well organized activity which can include a kava ceremony (sevusevu to the village chief), meke (traditional dance) and quite often a souvenir market.


Sawa-i-Lau Caves

This is one of the most visited attractions in the Yasawas. Sawa-i-Lau Island is a limestone island with a great dome-shaped cave, which extends about 15 metres above the water surface. The limestone walls have carvings, paintings and inscriptions of unknown meaning. Similar inscriptions can be found on Vanua Levu near Dakunibau village on the Tunuloa Peninsula. Adventurous guests are invited to duck dive into the cave and once they emerge into a dark but airy, high roofed cave they can then swim in about 50 metres.



Some resorts offer fishing trips, which are generally using hand lines to catch reef fish. Others offer game and sport fishing tours for their guests; fishing for pelagic species like marlin etc.


Manta rays

In the small islands to the south of Naviti there are regular congregations of manta rays and some nearby resorts offer tours to swim with the rays.



Other Activities

Other activities arranged by resorts in the Yasawas include swimming, snorkeling, picnics, beach volleyball, island hopping, and informal kava ceremonies.


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